Automatic End-Load Cartoner RH-800 (Auto suck cardboard , push product and seal both flaps)

This machine can automatically open boxes、input products and seal boxes.

Auto folding carton machine(Two-Side) TSCFMA

It is available for various fields.

Tray Forming Machine RH-40

It is suitable for multiple cardboard materials to seal and fold carton.

Semi-Auto Sealing Box Machine RH-302

It is available for sealing front and rear tucks of boxes、small quantity and multiple boxes.

Sealing Box Machine RH-300

It is available for cookies , tissue , icy foods and all kind of boxes ...and so on.

Top Labeling Machine RH-500

It is available for various flat labels.

Round Labeling Machine RH-700

It is available for various labels on round bodies.

Auto-Leak Detector Machine RH-11

It can test the leak for all kinds of plastic bottles.

Air Wash Bottle Cleaner RH-600

It is available for bottle wash fields.

Auto-Assembly Machine RH-105

It can do assembling, capping and twisting the caps.

Bottle Unscrambler RH-1101

It is available for bottle unscrambler of various size bottles