RH-20 Folding Box Machine (Demo machine , Folding carton machine see TSCFMA and SSCFMA-02)

It is available for various fields.
This machine is suitable for folding various paper  boxes    

/ cartons,and the cardboard boxes can be forming w/no    


This machine appearance and size is for a reference on the web. The exactly

machine appearance and size will be depond on the shape and size of 



Specifications :
Product Folding Box Machine 
Model No. RH-20
Power Source AC220V, 3-Phase
Electronic PLC
Air pressure 5kg/cm2
Air Consumption 3HP
Machine size 1200(L)*570(W)*1300(H) mm


 1. Capacity       : According to the carton size.

 2. Power           : According to customers requirement.

 3. Carton size   : According to customers requirement.


Features : 


► It is suitable for folding various paper boxes. The cardboard boxes can   
     be automatically folded without any glues.

► Application  Scope:food、shoes、cosmetic、electronic industry      
     boxes..and so on. 

► The machine is small and not occupying space. It can be easily and      
     quickly adjusted by the width of cardboard.

► Easily operation and user-friendly with touch-screen control (HMI) and   
     accurate carton formation with high speed PLC.

► Hot-melt glue sealing equipment and OEM service are available.

► Economic and reduce your cost. 


► Machine is with wheels that can move to anywhere.


► P.S. 

    1. This  is a customized machine.    

    2. It must e-mail below information to us if you request an offering.

        2.1 Unfolding box with marked sizes.

        2.2 Folding box with outside sizes.

        2.3 Your required speed. 




Packaging Samples :