RH-20 Auto-Carton Folding Machine

It is available for various fields.
This machine is suitable for folding various paper boxes / cartons ,and 

the cardboard boxes can be forming without glue.                                   
Specifications :
Product Auto-Carton Folding Machine 
Model No. RH-20
Power Source AC220V, 3-Phase
Electronic PLC
Air pressure 5kg/cm2
Air Consumption 3HP


 1. Capacity       : According to the carton size.

 2. Power           : According to customers requirement.

 3. Carton size   : According to customers requirement.


Features : 


►  It is suitable for folding various paper boxes. The cardboard boxes can
     be automatically folded without any glues.

►  Application  Scope:food、shoes、cosmetic、electronic industry
     boxes..and so on. 

►  The machine is small and not occupying space. It can be easily and
     quickly adjusted by the width of cardboard.

►  Easily operation and user-friendly with touch-screen control (HMI) and
     accurate carton formation with high speed PLC.

► Hot-melt glue sealing equipment and OEM service are available.

► Economic and reduce your cost. 


► Machine is with wheels that can move to anywhere.


► P.S. 

    1. This  is a customized machine. 

    2. This machine appearance and size is for a reference on the web. The 

        exactly machine appearance and size will be depond on the shape and

        size of boxes. 

    3.  Please kindly e-mail information to us if you wan  to quote this 


        3.1 Unfolding box with marked sizes.

        3.2 Folding box with outside sizes.

        3.3 Your required speed. 

     4. Agent and distributor are welcome.


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