Ruei Hann Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 , specialized in manufacturing auto-machineries. In the last years, the company had many work experience and continued learning the advanced technology in our country. Further, the company trained the employees to be more efficient in order to provide customers with high quality equipment and perfect service.

Manufacture of auto/semi-auto carton packing machines, auto-leakage test equipment and a specialized field of auto-machines.Continuously develop forward to the advanced technology in Taiwan. At present, Ruei Hann can provide high quality equipment and design, and will develop an automation system.



RUEIHANN MACHINERY  CO., LTD.- Our  Main product: leakage test machine、Top labeling machine. Round Labeling machine. Auto Carton Packing machine. Auto Carton/Trays Forming Machine. Semi-auto carton sealing packing machine. Auto-Carton Folding Machine .AUTO-ASSEMBLY MACHINE….



Ruei Hann Machinery Co., Ltd. is devoted to the pursuit of perfect products with high quality and timely delivery. In addition, Ruei Hann provides a strong technical assistance in business, so as to meet customers’ request completely. The business achievement of Ruei Hann rose by multiple annually and broke the record repeatedly, which proved that the customers have confidence in Ruei Hann and are satisfied with products of Ruei Hann.