RH-300 Carton Sealing Machine

It is available for cookies , tissue , icy foods and all kind of boxes ...and so on.
This machine is suitable for cookies , tissue , icy foods
and all kind of cartons...and so on.                                   
Specifications :
Product Carton Sealing Machine 
Model No. RH-300
Output 10-75PCS/MIN
Power Supply 220V,50/60HZ
Motor 2HP
Power Consumption 3KW
Machine Weight 800KGS / 1764 LBS.
Operator 1-2人
Machine Dimension

3600(L)x1420(W)x1620(H) mm

Carton Dimension

L :70-225 mm
W:180-300 mm
H:30-100 mm


Features :

► Application Scope:Such as cookie、tissue、icy food...etc.

► This machine can automactically open boxes , manually input 
      products into boxes and automatically seal boxes.
► It can enhance the packaging speed and reduce cost .
► P.S. 

    1.This is a customized machine.


    2.Distributor and agent are welcome.


    3. This machine appearance and size is for a reference only. The   

        exactly machine appearance and size will be depend on your

        products and packages.   


     4.Please kindly e-mail below information to us if you want to

        quote this machine  :       

         4.1 Inside products size.

         4.2 Folding box with outside sizes
Packaging Samples :