RH-800 Automatic End-load Cartoner

It is available for various fields. For example cookie..and so on.
It is available for various fields. For example cookie...    
and so on.                                                                            
Specifications : 
Product Automatic End-load Cartoner
Model No. RH-800
Power Source AC220V, 1-Phase / 50/60 HZ
Electronic PLC
Max. Speed 80 pCS /Per minute  
Air Consumption  Use Few
Features : 

 This machine can automatically open boxes、automatically input
     products and automatically seal boxes.
 It can increase packaging speed and reduce cost .

  Easy operation and user-friendly with touch-screen control
     (HMI), and accurate carton formation with high speed PLC.

 Required person : 1 person only. 
 Machine size is around : L5780 x W1860 X H1790 mm

► P.S.

    1. This is a customized machine.


    2. Distributor and agent are welcome.


    3. This machine appearance and size is for a reference only. The 

        exactly machine appearance and size will be depend on your

        products and packages.   


    4. Please kindly e-mail below information to us if you want to

        quote this  machine  :

        4.1 Inside products size.

        4.2 Folding box with outside sizes   



Packaging Samples :