RH-11 Auto-Leak Detector Machine

It can test the leak for all kinds of plastic bottles.

This machine can test the leak for all kinds of plastic bottles


and containers,such as drinking water、detergent、oil....and


so on.                                                                                          


Specifications : 


Product Auto-Leak Detector Machine
Model No. RH-11
Examine Speed 6~10 bottles/minute
Bottle Size 100cc-4 Liter
Power Supply 220V,50/60HZ,1-phase
Air Pressure 5 kg/cm2
Conveyor Speed

0~15 Meter/minute

Machine Dimension 2015(L)x905(W)x1325(H) mm


Features :

►Easy and quick adjustment  depending on different bottles size.


►The leaker test can be designed for single-nozzle, double-

   nozzle,four-nozzle..and so on.


►PLC control system and easy operation and user-friendly with

   touch-screen control(HMI)



    1. The listed specifications and machine art are for a reference. It

        depend on your bottle size and how many pieces / minute for

        all correct specification. We can accept customized design.   

    2. Please kindly verify us your required speed if you request an

        offering.(The speed will influence price.)